Aurora Borealis Photo Workshops

AT Photography offers Aurora Borealis Photography Workshops in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Seeing the northern lights is always breathtaking and maybe the trip of a lifetime. For photographers, capturing the beautiful lights is extremely satisfying although more challenging than one might think.

We want photographers to have the best experience and get the best shots by sharing our knowledge of photographing the northern lights and night photography in cold climates. We take small groups of photographers for a personalized and tailored experience. Armelle is passionate about aurora photography. After multiple trips and gaining  a lot of experience in using photographic gear up North in challenging conditions, she co-founded AT Frosted Lens. AT Frosted Lens provides accessories to protect photo equipment, such as the Camera Parka.

In Yellowknife, the aurora season runs from mid-September to mid-April. This season, we are offering workshops at the end of September and end of March.

Why September or March?

Cloud coverage is lowest in these months and historically, aurora activity is high.

September is the beginning of the aurora viewing season with nights getting longer. By mid-September, we can count on 12 hours of night time. Temperatures at night are around 0°C, so we don’t have to deal with extreme cold for photographers and photo gear. Instead, one can expect dew and frost at night. Lakes are not frozen at this time of the year and photographers can capture reflections of northern lights in water. We recommend this time of the year for photographers new to night photography and not used to cold temperatures.

Aurora at Pontoon lake

Northern Lights at Pontoon lake, Northwest Territories.

March is almost the end of the aurora viewing season. There are still about 12 hours of night time. Temperatures are on the cold side, usually around -20°C and -40°C without wind chill. Photographers have to deal with issues related to extreme cold, such as frozen fingertips, using cameras with gloves, cold feet, and frozen photo gear. It is absolutely essential to be well prepared to spend hours outside –we cover this in the introductory seminar. So why go at this time of the year? Lakes are frozen, and we drove on ice roads to locations with more open space, away from crowds and light pollution. Standing on the middle of a frozen lake is quite an experience in itself!

Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife NWT

Northern Lights over Yellowknife Bay.

Upcoming workshops

One night Aurora Borealis workshop – March 10-17, 2018

We take two photographers maximum for our one night Aurora Borealis workshop to offer you a tailored experience.

We cover the fundamentals of aurora photography around a hot drink, and ensure that photographers are prepared for a night out.

At night, we chase the northern lights and travel to different locations for various backgrounds and foregrounds. We aim to be on site by 9pm but there is no set start and end time: we closely monitor potential northern light activity and cloud coverage, and we pick you up as soon as there is a chance to see aurora, so be ready to leave before sunset! We relocate when needed or wanted. We stay out as long as the group decides, keeping in mind that safety comes first. We provide guidance and advice to set up photo equipment, manual focus at night and photographing the northern light throughout the night.

We also provide transportation to/from workshop activities to your downtown accommodation.


  • Dates: March 12, 13, 16 (1 spot left). March 10, 11, 14, 15: Full.
  • What: One night photography workshop, 1 hour introductory session on northern light photography, and 2 hour daytime photography in town. Maximum 2 photographers.
  • Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.
  • Cost (CAD $ per person): $140 + GST for workshop fee and travel to photo locations. Not included: travel to/from Yellowknife, accommodation, meals, warm clothing and photo gear.
  • Confirmation: spots must be fully paid to be considered held.
  • Cancellation policy: 100% refundable if we do not go out because of bad weather. No refund if we go out and there are no northern lights
  • Disclaimer on weather and conditions: Participants are expected to spend long hours outdoor and should dress accordingly. Sunset and sunrise are around 8pm/8am. Temperatures in Yellowknife at the end of September are around 0°C at night (up to 10°C during the day), average humidity is high around 90% and average dew point is between -2°C and 3°C. Frost can be expected at night. This is traditionally a strong time for aurora borealis activity but northern lights cannot be guaranteed to appear at any specific time, and clear skies are not guaranteed either.

More information and registration: contact info {at}


Past workshops

September 23, 2016 – Atelier de photographie d’aurores boréales

Avec le Collège Nordique Francophone de Yellowknife. ** Three hour workshop in French. **

Cet atelier de 3 heures, alliant théorie et pratique, s’adresse à des photographes amateurs débutants ou intermédiaires désirant se familiariser ou approfondir leurs techniques pour photographier les aurores boréales. Les participants (maximum 12) bénéficient d’un support individuel et personnalisé pendant la session pratique.

Détails et inscriptions :

September and March 2016 and 2017 –One night Aurora Borealis workshops





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