Aurora Borealis


An unexpected solar wind from a blast of energy from the sun reached earth on the night of June 7/8, 2014. This created a geomagnetic G2 storm. The intensity of the event combined with clear skies, and Northern Lights were visible as low as Vancouver, BC.

Green, yellow and purple lights were dancing in the sky for about 3 hours. What a treat to see Aurora Borealis in Southern BC!

Porteau Cove, about 40 km north of Vancouver on the sea to sky highway, is a great spot away from city light pollution to watch Northern lights.

Aurora Borealis in Southern British Columbia, Canada

Aurora Borealis at Porteau Cove, BC.



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    This picture was published in the Georgia Straight, Contents page, in the weekly edition of July 3-9, 2014.

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